Application process for students

Two annual application windows

You can find specific vacancies for students in our job bank. In addition, we have two annual application windows for students where we accept unsolicited applications for internships, student assistant positions and project collaboration. After we close the application window, we will let you know if we are able to offer you a position. We will keep your application up to one year in the case of a vacant position. We do not accept unsolicited applications outside the two fixed periods.

You can apply for an internships, student assistant position and/or project collaboration within the following 10 tracks, which you will find in the job bank when open for applications:

  • Engineering: Electrical
  • Engineering: Mechanical
  • Engineering: Production/Quality
  • Natural Science
  • IT/Software
  • Innovation/Business development
  • Legal/Finance
  • SCM/Lean/Logistics/Purchase
  • HR/Corporate Communication/CSR
  • Marketing/Sales

Please note that we only accept applications uploaded in our online system. We recommend that you make your application as specific as possible and that you attach your CV and other relevant documents such as transcripts.

The application window will be open in the following periods.

Application windows