MAGNA3 – Leading the way into the future of pumping

magna 3
Efficiency and reliability

Best-in-class EEI

With an average EEI of just 0.18 across the range, the new MAGNA3 circulator is the most efficient circulator pump range for commercial buildings on the market today.

This puts it way ahead of not just planned European legislation, but also of the current 0.20 EEI benchmark for Best in Class technology.

The combination of industry-leading EEI and the renowned Grundfos reliability makes MAGNA3 a very attractive proposition for anyone interested in quick return on investment and low Life Cycle Costs.

The combination of efficiency and comfort is made possible by the Grundfos-invented intelligent control mode AUTOADAPT

AUTOADAPT continuously adjusts the proportional pressure curve and automatically sets a more efficient one, without compromising comfort demands. This factory setting eliminates the need for manual adjustments in 80% of all installations. 

The default AUTOADAPT proportional pressure curve has a set point of 55% of the pump’s maximum head. Should the system reach its maximum curve, the duty point will follow this curve and create a new proportional pressure curve based on the new system duty point. And from here, the process starts all over again.

Range and applications

Range and applications

Performance Range

This range extension means that it is now much easier to right-size a MAGNA3 for any duty point.

MAGNA3 is a full-range pump with more than 150 different single and twin circulators in cast iron or stainless steel. Maximum head has been increased to 18 m and flow to 70 m3/h. Running twin pumps on full capacity gives you an even larger performance area. This range extension means that it is now much easier to right-size a MAGNA3 for any duty point.

Like its predecessor, MAGNA3 is suited for heating and cooling applications as well as domestic hot water circulation systems. It is designed to handle liquids down to 

-10°C, which also makes it suitable for both tough industrial tasks and ground source heat pump systems.

Furthermore, liquid temperature (-10°C to +110°C) is independent of ambient temperature (0°C to +40°C), since electronics are now air-cooled.

Component upgrades

Component upgrades

Extruded view of MAGNA3

The MAGNA3 impeller, pump house hydraulics and motor have been mutually optimized using flow analysis and 3D development tools. The new impeller has been designed for higher RPMs and is made from composite. Impeller vanes have also been improved, switching from the previous 2D design to a new 3D design with curved vanes.

Permanent magnet rotor ensures that there is zero slip between the rotor and the compact stator’s electric field and provides very strong torque at low power consumption.

New carbon fibre-reinforced composite rotor can minimizes power loss and contributes to higher energy efficiency. 

In-slot stator winding prevents the heat loss that would occur in pumps with excess copper outside the iron core. 

Grundfos-developed integrated differential pressure sensor increases efficiency by providing very accurate estimates of flow values. 

Air-cooling of power electronics extends the pump’s liquid temperature operational range to -10°C to +110°C. 

Improved I/O package with one analogue input (0-10V or 4-20 mA) (built-in power supply), two individually configurable relay outputs and three digital inputs.

CIM module slot allows for direct connection to a BMS gateway without external hardware protocol components.

For the full list of MAGNA3 component upgrades, please refer to the product brochure found here

Flow limitation and energy meter

Flow limitation and heat energy meter

pump, throttling valve, meter

Two of the MAGNA3’s new features help to reduce system complexity and makes the MAGNA3 more than a pump.

The new FLOWLIMIT function and FLOWADAPT control mode (AUTOADAPT with a maximum flow limit) allow you to set a maximum flow limit for your MAGNA3 pump. This improves overall energy-efficiency and eliminates the need for pump throttling valves in systems where MAGNA3 is used as a booster pump. 

In any control mode, the FLOWLIMIT function will save you the trouble of balancing the set point – the pump will never go above the maximum flow you enter.

The MAGNA3 also features a built-in heat energy meter that can monitor system heat energy distribution and consumption in order to avoid excessive energy bills caused by system imbalances. This will save you the cost of installing a separate energy metering device within your system. 

To make use of the heat energy meter function, you will need to add an external sensor to measure return pipe liquid temperature. 

The built-in heat energy meter is an excellent tool for system optimization but cannot be used for billing purposes.

Mobile control

Mobile control

Overview – iPhone, Android, iPod touch + dongle

Like all other Grundfos electronic pumps, the MAGNA3 can be monitored and controlled through the Grundfos GO app, which is a free download from the App Store and Google Play.

Grundfos GO gives you intuitive wireless pump control and full access to the Grundfos online tools on the go

To make full use of the app, you will need the appropriate Mobile Interface (dongle) for your iPhone or Android smartphone. If you do not currently own a smartphone, Grundfos offers the Grundfos GO device, a complete iPod Touch solution.

Grundfos GO gives you intuitive wireless pump control and full access to the Grundfos online tools on the go.

Grundfos GO allows you to name individual pumps for easy reference. And in work sites where multiple pumps are controlled through Grundfos GO, the built-in wink function on the pump display even lets you know which pump is currently targeted by the application.

You also get live data feed from your pumps directly on to your screen, including duty points, historical data, power consumption, pump speed and temperature.

All these data can be easily gathered in connection with reporting thanks to the built-in PDF generator. The PDF reports can be shared with others, sent to your own email address or printed when you get back to the office.

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