Benefits summary

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Benefits summary

This document summarises the main benefits of Grundfos pressure boosters.

Modern convenience
CM booster range offers an all-in-one unit, plug-and-pump convenience, compact size, silent operation, and renowned Grundfos quality.

Choice of pressure managers
With the Grundfos CM Booster range, Pressure Manager 1 allows the pump to start and stop automatically according to demand and protects it from dry-running, while Pressure Manager 2 provides all this plus enables pressure settings to be adjusted.

City mains or break tank
The ability to connect to either city mains or a break tank means greater installation flexibility.

Self-priming option
The CM Booster range is available with a self-priming option, which enables the pump to boost from shallow wells, underground break tanks and rainwater tanks.

CME for constant pressure comfort
The Grundfos CME Booster is equipped with a variable speed drive, enabling it to deliver constant water pressure, no matter how many people are using water.


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